Lily is a busy working mom from Shanghai. Thankfully, using her mobile device, she gets help from Alibaba’s ecosystem of services and partners.

During Lily’s morning commute, she opens up her Mobile Taobao App to find a birthday gift for her young son. Knowing she can find anything and everything on Taobao Marketplace, she browses for the perfect gift. She quickly finds a racetrack set she knows he’ll love and pays for it using her Alipay account.


Taobao is China’s largest online shopping destination with the most extensive collection of products and services, ranging from everyday items to hard-to-find specialty products. It’s an easy way for sellers to establish a low-cost distribution channel, as well as one of Alibaba’s most popular starting points for buyers to explore our marketplaces and services.


Alipay is the online and mobile payments platform run by Ant Financial. In China, Alipay has around 50% of the market for online payments, but over 80% for mobile payments, according to iResearch. Alipay’s mobile app is the world’s largest mobile payment platform with 400 million annual active users as of June 2015. In addition to traditional online payment functions such as online shopping, money transfers and utilities bills, Alipay is expanding applications to offline scenarios such as shopping malls, convenience stores, taxis and hospitals.

Lily starts thinking about the family’s next vacation, and opens Alitrip from her Taobao Mobile App for some ideas. She’s always wanted to visit California and is excited by the great prices she sees on flight and hotel packages.


Alitrip is a leading online travel booking platform in China with comprehensive offerings of travel products and services. Alitrip leverages the Alibaba ecosystem and its data to attract travelers and enhance customer service. For example, Alitrip users can reserve a hotel room without a deposit and enjoy express checkout using Alipay, as long as they have a solid Sesame Credit score based on their online and shopping behavior.

By late morning Lily is hungry. She opens her Taobao Mobile App and orders lunch delivery from a local restaurant using Koubei.


Koubei is a joint venture between Alibaba Group and Ant Financial created to capture the opportunities in China’s local services market, with an initial focus on the food and beverage segment. Koubei builds synergies between offline consumption and internet-based offerings to give consumers enhanced and more convenient dining and shopping experiences.

When Lily was looking at espresso makers on Tmall last night, she saved one in her shopping cart before going to sleep. Today, she decides to order one. Because of her exemplary Sesame Credit score based on her online shopping behavior, Lily is eligible for a product called Ant Check Later, which allows her to pay for the espresso maker next month using Alipay.


Tmall is China’s largest third-party platform for brands and retailers*. It’s home to more than 140,000 brands as of March 31, 2015, including China’s online flagship stores for global giants such as Apple, Amazon, Burberry, Unilever, Nike, Costco and more.

*According to GMV, iResearch 2013.

Lily’s lunch arrives and she takes a break to scroll through her Weibo social media feed. She sees a video that looks interesting and watches it on Youku Tudou, China’s leading internet television company.


Weibo is a leading social media platform in which Alibaba has an equity investment. Merchants on Alibaba’s marketplaces can use Weibo to market new products and send out special promotions. Weibo has 198 million monthly active users.*

*As of March 31, 2015. Source: Weibo public announcement.


Youku Tudou is China’s leading Internet television company. Youku Tudou provides consumer behavioral data that allows us to enhance targeted marketing for our customers.

An ad pops up on Youku Tudou for one of her favorite international clothing brands. Tapping the ad takes her to the brand’s Tmall store, where she browses the latest collection. Lily sees a top she loves and buys it with Alipay. She also sees that a dress she ordered less than 24 hours ago will be delivered to her office that afternoon, thanks to Cainiao Logistics’ real-time package tracking information.


The central logistics information system we provide through Cainiao Logistics enables sellers to fulfill and deliver orders in timely and reliable ways and provides buyers with delivery time prediction and real-time package tracking. Logistics service providers, such as express delivery companies, relied on this information system to deliver an average of 24 million packages per day to consumers*.

*In the 12 months ended March 31, 2015.

The dress arrives and Lily is so thrilled, she wants to find a reason to wear it that night. Through her Taobao Mobile App she makes dinner reservations, hires a babysitter and orders movie tickets with Taobao Movie for a date with her husband. When she’s ready to go, she hails a taxi from Kuaidi Dache using Alipay.

Kuaidi Dache

Kuaidi Dache is a leading mobile taxi booking app provider in China, combining integrated mapping from AutoNavi (Alibaba’s provider of navigation and digital maps) and third-party payment technology to provide booking services to over 1 million taxis in more than 300 cities in China.

During her taxi ride, Lily is browsing Taobao for fun and sees an ad for a high-end international cosmetics brand on group-buying site Juhuasuan. She knows the sale won’t last long and she’s wanted to try some new makeup, so she places her order and pays through Alipay.


Juhuasuan is the most popular group-buying marketplace in China (by monthly active users, iResearch). By aggregating demand, consumers can buy products at attractive prices for a limited time. It's another way Taobao Marketplace and Tmall merchants can generate more sales and revenue.

Before falling asleep, Lily turns on her smart TV to watch a movie through her Tmall set-top box, which streams entertainment content on demand. She chooses a movie produced by Alibaba Pictures.

Tmall Box

Alibaba offers a variety of video content delivered over the Internet through set-top boxes and smart TVs powered by our operating system YunOS. Through our services, viewers can watch local and overseas television shows on demand, as well as shop from Taobao Marketplace, Tmall and Juhuasuan, and even pay bills using Alipay. The devices also support online games, education programs and music apps.

Alibaba Pictures

Alibaba Pictures, an Alibaba affiliate, is a film and television program producer and distributor, and is our movie business flagship.

All day, Alibaba is in touch with Lily’s needs, helping her to both streamline and enhance her day through access to all the products, services and experiences she wants and needs. Hundreds of millions of consumers like her use Alibaba’s ecosystem the same way—and many more are joining every day.

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