China has an enormous population distributed over a vast geographical area. To connect such a far-flung population of buyers and sellers, we created a distributed and scalable logistics platform and are building the infrastructure to bring rural populations into the economy.

Cainiao Logistics

Our top 14 strategic delivery partners employ approximately 1.4 million people to deliver an average of 24 million packages a day to even the most remote parts of China (12 months ended March 31, 2015).

China’s Connected Countryside

Now, with access to infrastructure, rural producers and consumers have the chance to participate in the global economy.

Taobao Rural Service Centers

Over the next five years, we’re building 1,000 county-level operation centers and 100,000 village‑level service stations to bring even more opportunity to rural China.

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Alibaba operates cross-border commerce across both retail and wholesale, allowing businesses, entrepreneurs and even consumers to source the products they want and need directly from Chinese exporters. is a global online wholesale marketplace, connecting entrepreneurs around the world with sourcing partners and material suppliers in China who can bring their ideas to market.


AliExpress lets international customers buy directly from Chinese manufacturers or wholesalers. Small and medium-sized Chinese businesses are flourishing by selling to consumers in Russia, the United States, Brazil and Europe.

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Alibaba’s platforms serve as a showcase for international brands looking to sell to China’s large and fast-growing middle class.

Chinese consumers’ desire for luxury brands, personal-care products and fresh food from abroad reflects a more cosmopolitan China—one that presents unprecedented selling opportunity for businesses in the U.S. and Europe.

Marketplace for international brands and products

Tmall hosts China’s online flagship stores for some of the world’s most successful and desirable consumer brands, including P&G, Unilever, Disney, Starbucks, Uniqlo and Estée Lauder.

Tmall Global is a gateway to China for brands without a physical presence in the country. Alibaba has launched country pavilions on its Tmall Global platform so Chinese consumers can buy products from countries around the world.

Making Exporting Seamless

Our bonded warehouse program eliminates the complexity associated with imports. Selling goods to China has never been this easy.

Helping small businesses reach 
Chinese consumers

We are working to help small businesses 
around the world sell to Chinese consumers easily and directly.

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Over the past decade, we measured ourselves by how much we changed China. In the future we will be judged by how we change the world.

Our long-term goal is to build the global infrastructure of commerce so that any buyer can seamlessly connect with any seller anywhere in the world. In 10 years, we aim to have 2 billion consumers on our global marketplaces connecting with tens of millions of small businesses.

We won’t quit until we live up to our mission to
“make it easy to do business anywhere.”

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